About Us

The Board
The Land Surveyors’ Licensing Board of Western Australia is constituted under Section 4 of the Licensed Surveyors Act 1909.

The Board consists of six members comprising the Surveyor General ex officio, two members nominated by the Surveyor General, two members nominated by the Institution of Surveyors Australia, WA Division and one member nominated by an education institution.

The Board is a member of the Council of Reciprocating Surveyors Boards of Australian and New Zealand (CRSBANZ). The Council established mutual reciprocity and recognition of registration in 1892. This model has effectively allowed land surveyors in Australia and New Zealand to transfer their registration between jurisdictions with a minimum of administrative constraints.

Charter of the Board
The Board has reviewed its role and responsibility to the government and community of Western Australia and adopted a Revised Charter.

Annual Reports

The Board is required under section 25C of the Licensed Surveyors Act 1909 to on or before 30 June in each year submit to the minister an annual report of its proceedings ending on 31 December.