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Home and property ownership is normally the biggest expenditure the average person will make in a lifetime. Don’t use just anyone for your survey. Under the law a Licensed Surveyor is the only person allo5B0A6223wed to provide an authorised survey to prove the dimensions of your property. The Surveyor will repeg your boundaries and by law must provide a signed certificate within 30 days which testifies that the work has been correctly completed.

If you use any person who is not a certified Licensed Surveyor then that person is liable for a $10,000 fine and you will have a survey which has no legal status whatsoever should there be a boundary dispute in the future. To have the correct document to legally define your property boundaries you must use a Licensed Surveyor who holds a Practicing Certificate to conduct Authorised Surveys.

If you have any further enquiries or wish to check on the status of the person undertaking your surveys please check the List of Licensed Surveyors or contact the Land Surveyors Licensing Board on telephone (08) 92737104.

To locate a Licensed Surveyor in a particular locality please use the search capabilities in the current “Yellow Pages” at and searching under the classification of “surveyors land”

To find out if your surveyor is Licensed and has a current Practising Certificate go to the List of Licensed SurveyorsP1000220

A Licensed Surveyor with a current Practising Certificate is the only person with the authority to carry out and “Authorised Survey” as interpreted in section 3 of the Licensed Surveyor’s Act 1909

The Board has published some guidelines for surveyors to use when they are advising you.  It is now common practice for surveyors to ask you to sign a “Terms of Engagement” agreement before commencing your project. The Board has found that the use of these agreements substantially assists in both you and your surveyor setting out the scope of your project.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your surveyor please go to the Complaints page which outlines how to make a complaint.


From time to time the Board publishes bulletins for the information of the public. Copies of these Bulletins are on the Information Bulletins page.